Friday, 1 May 2015

Earthquake in Nepal; Response for the harm?

It’s 4 in the morning and I just can’t seem to fall asleep. So just to make myself useful and get less scared of random scary images in my mind, I am writing this. Now it’s not at all about my boyfriend or love life. I am just going to try writing about some deep things. The following lines are about things that don’t actually occur to my mind much.

As a young (I feel old) writer. Well not a real writer though, but I have been getting this feeling to jot down something about the very disheartening natural disaster that has occurred in Nepal. Several earthquakes have crushed Nepal. It has left the whole world with great sympathy for the country and its people. It’s sad to see people die. It’s so sad to see people suffer and it’s so sad we can’t really stop our mother earth from being rude.

I am sad for Nepal and I have the country and its people in my heart, in my prayers but I have been wondering why so much of death tolls and destructions because of earthquake. I am a geography student and I fail to remember any earthquake that has caused this much destruction within a short period of time.

I have been thinking about it for several days now and I wonder if it is due to the ritual of sacrificing animals (ox, Buffalo, etc) to please their goddess. If it’s so, may be they pleased their goddess yet has totally done the reverse to mother earth. Is the mother upset with the heartless harm to her children? She is, certainly! It must be why she is being uncaring too as for mother earth, every creature is her child; harming one would always mean being inconsiderate to her.

I feel it’s like the karmic concept. What goes around comes around. Harm others and it bounces back, hitting hard. So, I wish the ritual of sacrificing animal stops and the mother earth stops being inconsiderate. 

But right now, I am praying for Nepal. Praying to mother earth and begging for forgiveness. I am praying that Nepal bravely passes this phase and rises up stronger than ever! Nepal has all my prayers!

P.S. These are my thoughts and about the destruction of earthquake in past..i am just too sleepy to verify it. So the readers please correct me if i am wrong. Thank you! :)


  1. There is many worst earthquakes. one is in1556, earthquake in Shanxi,China.It had devastated around 520 miles.

    wow nice thought,i also thought like you.

    1. Oh...that was quite a long time ago. Thank you for reading and commenting Karma. ๐Ÿ˜Š